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Why Health and Dental Insurance?

Why the need for Individual Health and Dental coverage?  The following is an overview of our most often asked questions. 

 “The Government covers me.”
 “I’m healthy – I don’t need insurance.”
 “I have other financial priorities.”  
 “I’d only claim a few things a year.”

Help minimize your risk or the possibility of a significant drain on your family’s financial resources. Let’s take a moment to review each of these reasons.

“The Government covers me”

Health insurance benefits provided by your Government will only cover basic medical needs – like a trip to the doctor or hospital. You’ll have to pay for prescription drugs, dental care, and vision care on your own. Government reassessment of health care funding is putting more emphasis for health care spending on the individual. Varying provincial health plan coverage reductions for prescription drugs and specialized health care, coupled with shorter hospital stays and more care required outside the hospital all mean one thing – you pay more.

 “I’m healthy – I don’t need insurance”

None of us likes to think about the possibility of becoming ill. But, if an accident or illness were to happen it could cost you and your family significantly. Supplemental health insurance provides peace-of-mind in the event that a serious accident or illness may occur. 

 “I have other financial priorities”  

You could be especially vulnerable in the event you suffer a serious illness or injury. Or you could use up significant savings on private care, because your Government Health Insurance Plan, unfortunately, offers only limited coverage for home nursing care and in-home assistance. For only dollars a day you can provide you and your family with comprehensive coverage you simply shouldn’t be without. And, if you’re self-employed or operate a small business your health plan could literally pay for itself.

 “I’d only claim a few things a year”

Remember, the purpose of health insurance is to ensure your family’s financial security.  Although the dental, drug and vision components of a health plan are typically the most used benefits, the long-term value lies in the comfort of knowing you don’t have to worry about the uncertainties that come from relying entirely on our government health care system.

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