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Canadian Travel Medical Insurance

We offer two types of travel medical insurance:

  • Travel insurance for Canadian citizens traveling abroad.
  • Travel medical insurance for visitors, foreign students, Canadian expatriates and immigrants coming to Canada.

Travel Medical Coverage

No one can afford the financial burden of an unexpected sickness or injury while traveling. Hospital room rates, and professional medical services, outside your country of residence have reached all time high levels and your government health insurance plan will only cover a portion of these expenses. With travel coverage you are covered for a broad range of insurance needs. Your over all coverage will include all of the following:

  • Emergency hospital accommodation
  • Up front payment to health providers wherever possible
  • Doctor's bills
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Ambulance service, including air ambulance
  • Medical appliances (crutches, canes, etc.)
  • Relief of dental pain
  • Accidental dental
  • Meals & accommodations
  • Paramedical services
  • Return of deceased
  • Emergency vehicle return
  • Private registered nurse
  • X-rays and lab tests
  • Transport home when medically necessary
  • Incidental hospital expenses

** No medical is required!

Information for Visitors to Canada

  • We offer TrentHealthTM and  Ontario Blue Cross™ Travel Insurance. These health plans protect you and your dependents against unexpected and costly health care emergencies, giving you peace of mind!
  • If you are visiting Canada, visitors insurance offers you extensive health care coverage, so you can have a relaxed and enjoyable stay while on vacation.
  • If you will be working in Canada a working visitors health insurance plan lets you focus on your work, without having to worry about unforeseen medical expenses.
  • If you are immigrating to Canada, Canada has excellent health care plans, but these plans are not available until you have been here for a set period of time. Why take the chance of incurring expensive health care costs?
    We can implement coverage for the 3 month waiting period, before you receive OHIP, when you immigrate to Canada.
  • If you are a Canadian expatriate, Canadian citizens returning to Canada do not qualify for provincial medical coverage for several months. Protect yourself from unforeseen medical bills!
  • If you are studying in Canada, Health Advantage Student International allows you to focus on your studies, without having to worry about sudden health care emergencies.


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