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Residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Quebec, Nunavut & all the territories please use this form for your enquiries or alternatively call
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Dental Plan 1
(Assoc. Base Dental)
Drug Plan 1
(Flexcare DrugPlus Basic)*
Dental Plan 2
 (Flexcare DentalPlus Basic)
Drug Plan 2
(Flexcare DrugPlus Enhanced)*
Dental Plan 3
 (Flexcare DentalPlus Enhanced)
Dental Plan 4
 (Assoc. Gold Dental)
Combination Plans Special Value Plans
Combo Plan 1
(Flexcare Starter)
Value Plan 1
(Value Plan)*
Combo Plan 2
(Flexcare ComboPlus Basic)*
Value Plan 2
(ValuePlus Plan)*
Combo Plan 3
(Flexcare ComboPlus Enhanced)*
Combo Plan 4
(Assoc. Gold Health & Dental)*


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